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We are taking a neighbourhood policing approach to any protest activity.

Our core tactic is to engage with people on all sides of the issue, and ask them to work with us to make this a safe and peaceful protest.

We would rather talk to people and persuade them to move than to have resort to force and make arrests.

It is a challenge to balance the rights, needs and wishes of all parties involved, including the right of people to assemble and protest peacefully, balanced against the right of local people to go about their daily lives safely and without disruption. This will be reviewed on a regular basis.

However, once the balance has tipped from peaceful protest to deliberate acts that are unlawful and cause unreasonable disruption to others, then the public would expect the police to take action.

Police liaison officers will engage with the protest community, explaining clearly what is acceptable in terms of safety and reasonableness, and what action will be taken if necessary.